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As a by-youth for-youth organisation, our focus is to support rangatahi through community- and youth-led programmes and events. We are on a constant and evolving journey to understand our impact as our organisation grows; using a mixture of qualitative (data-driven) and quantitative (story-driven) evaluation to inform our learnings. We are comfortable with making mistakes and learning as we grow, so as to always remain adaptive, reflexive and community-driven.

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How we're making a difference

We publish an Annual Impact Report each year to showcase some of the impactful work we've been up to. Check them out below to learn more about our impact!

From our Rangatahi ✨

"When I began working with YANZ, I was 16 years old and had no experience in performing or any idea of how to put my music dreams into reality.
I approached their CEO, Matthew Goldsworthy, and asked him if I could perform at one of their Strange Summer Streets shows. Since then I have been so accepted, encouraged and supported in my music journey.

The team at YANZ stand out to me as an organisation that shows genuine care for their creatives and who offer so much. For a young person pursuing a creative career, having this guiding force that offers paid opportunities and a community to connect with is invaluable. The creative industry can be a hard one to find your footing in, and to have YANZ supporting young local artists as they make move into the industry is so important.

Over the past three years, I have performed at several events with YANZ and gained new experiences, friends and industry connections. I’m so thankful I’ve had these opportunities available to me, and I hope YANZ continues to be supported so they can reach more creatives who would greatly benefit from their work."

Marianne Leigh

“My mahi with Te Kāhui fills my cup, keeps me grounded and allows me to serve my community in meaningful ways. I feel as though I can bring my entire self unapologetically to every wānanga, hui, or zoom– something I haven’t felt comfortable doing in any of my other/previous jobs.

Within our writing wānanga, it’s remarkable to see rangatahi who may not otherwise ever consider creative writing as a vessel for personal expression leave sessions asking, ‘when can we do this again?’ This affirms that the work we are doing is making an impact; opening up avenues for creative exploration that may otherwise be overlooked.

As Māori and Pasifika peoples, storytelling is in our blood. For me, I feel closer to my ancestors and their stories when
I can use their kupu, and talanoa with others. The skills, confidence and awhi I’ve learned and received from Te Kāhui ensure that whatever space I enter, I can express myself, and do so with pride.”

Ruby Macomber,
Te Kāhui Community Outreach Manager

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