About YANZ 👋

We're Youth Arts New Zealand (YANZ), Aotearoa's leading youth-led social enterprise generating equitable opportunities for rangatahi/young people to explore creativity, both as a career and as a means of self-expression.

Our vision is for an Aotearoa where every young New Zealander knows the worth of their creative identity.

We're empowering youth to build creative futures through...

Empowering creative identities 🙌

Empowering rangatahi to embrace their identities and tell their stories with dignity, so that rangatahi can confidently express themselves to their community and beyond.

Championing sustainable careers 💫

Championing sustainable, accessible and equitable entry points into creative careers, so that all young people are able to access and sustain a creative career.

Valuing rangatahi leadership 📣

Advocating for young creatives and diverse youth voice across Aotearoa so that youth leadership, especially in the creative sector, is prioritised and reflected in actions and decisions.

Building meaningful connections 💛

Connecting young people with each other, and those who can guide them, so that they are supported in their journey by peers and mentors.

Our Team 🫶

Our talented youth-led team champion the mahi of YANZ, lending their creativity to impact the lives of the rangatahi they work with. Our normal working hours are Monday to Thursday (9am - 5pm).

Board of Trustees ✨

Our Board of Trustees support the development and sustainability of YANZ, with backgrounds ranging from governance and strategy to community development and research.

What's the plan?!

If you're interested in learning more about our strategy, check out our strategic plan. This outlines our strategy for the next 3 years, including our vision, mission, values, and key initiatives. Our strategic plan was created alongside conversations with many rangatahi in our community and informed by the last 3 years of YANZ's learnings.

Like any good plan though, we acknowledge that other opportunities and challenges will naturally arise, and are excited to meet these with the values and intentions that ground us.

Want to support our mahi?

Join us in making a difference for rangatahi across Aotearoa ✊