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Dec 2019 - Mar 2020

Summer of Creativity at 38 Hurstmere

We worked with legendary placemaking organisation, Fresh Concept, to fill their space at 38 Hurstmere with events that showcased youth creativity and engaged with the Takapuna community. Our challenge was to try and create a sense of community in a somewhat controversial public space, and we delivered 13 events to draw visitors into the space and bring creativity to heart of Takapuna.

Some of our favourite events from the series were::

  • Young Musicians Showcases: Three young artists on weekend nights, performing intimate sets for the public.
  • Youth art exhibition: We engaged 12 talented young artists from around and showcased their artwork inside a container installed onsite.
  • LiveArt: An interactive live art experience through which young poets, musicians and sketch artists created improvised, personalised live art for the public.
  • 10-minute Lessons: Young creatives gave free 10-minute lessons to the public, allowing them to engage with new creative skills, such as ukulele, drums and piano.