Silent Disco CityWalk

March 2019

Silent Disco Citywalk is an energetic outdoor interactive and fun 60 or 90-min adventure that gives a new perspective on the city. Youth Arts New Zealand was engaged to supercharge the events with a youth performer, CampbellMack, providing a surprise live experience for attendees.

Inspired by the power of music and movement, Remote New York (site-specific tour) and driven by sense of adventure and surprise, Yana Kirakovskaya (experience creator) created and launched the Silent Disco Citywalk in April 2018 as a part of Papaya Stories. Since then it grew and expanded widely. Created bespoke 7 routes around Tamaki Makaurau, the team organised 50+ events across Auckland by sharing joy with over 2,000 of people, activated unused public spaces and engaging local creatives.

Silent Disco Citywalk sparks curiosity, gives the sense of freedom and joy. The special vibe at the event is provided by our dance guides. In addition, we design the pre-recorded entertainment audio programme full of interesting stories, jokes, positive affirmations and themed music that everyone in a group hears at the same time. Each route has its own theme and audio programme.

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