Our story so far…

In December 2017, Year 13 student Matthew Goldsworthy ran an event that brought together 25 young musicians on Auckland’s North Shore with acclaimed NZ musician Avalanche City, AKA Dave Baxter. The next day, Youth Arts New Zealand was born, out of a desire to continue and build upon the level of impact and energy that the singular event had on the community.

In 2018, Harrison Sugrue and Zak Devey joined the organisation as co-founders, elevating YANZ to the next level of community interaction and impact. Together, the three 18-year-olds ran events and projects to engage with the nations creatives youth, pushing boundaries for what being young within the creative sector really meant.

Now in 2019, the team has grown to 4 passionate creatives, with a bold vision to shape the future for all creative young New Zealanders. With an offical launch event scheduled for March 2020 and an ever-expanding national network of opportunities and partnerships, YANZ will support thousands of young people to unlock their creative potential, enabling the next generation of creatives to flourish.