Matthew Goldsworthy

With an undying love of and passion for creativity and the arts, Matthew’s dream is to have the next generation of young people growing up with confidence in their abilities, and freedom to make their ideas and creative ventures become reality. Matthew received the 2018 AIMES Emerging Talent award for his work with Youth Arts New Zealand, and works closely with various stakeholders in New Zealand's creative industries to support and look after young artists.

Matthew founded Youth Arts New Zealand in December 2017, with the desire to create a self-sustaining community of young creatives all over New Zealand, providing them with opportunities, resources, and a network with which they can further their creative aspirations and unlock their potential. With Youth Arts New Zealand, Matthew aims to create a national movement that truly allows for creativity and self-expression through the arts to be seen as politically and socially synonymous with traditional skills such as maths and literacy.